The graininess will have a certain impact on the taste of the e-juice, which may reduce the taste of the e-juice or make a certain taste heavier.

There are people who like graininess though, so it doesn't matter if that's good or bad. ald cbd vape pen Insufficient atomization will make the e-juice inlet feel grainy, usually because the output power is relatively low, and the coil cannot reach the appropriate temperature, so it cannot be fully atomized.

Some e-liquids also have a "grainy feel" due to their special raw materials or additives and production processes, so sometimes e-liquids have to find the data and power that matches with them in order to play the best taste, which also makes many e-liquids use them. One of the most enjoyable pleasures.

If you want to eliminate the graininess, you must first check whether the current output power is suitable, increase the power or change the data to adjust.


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